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“GENMU” is creative products and a realization of mens fantasies!!

As you know, there are 2 different mainstreams of world’s mens masturbation tool, Tenga and Fleshlight.
GENMU is neither a kind of Tenga nor a type of Fleshlight!
GENMU is made by the concept of getting from the best of them and also at the reasonable price.
GENMU is not even in the single-use type of Ona-Cup like most of Tenga products.
GENMU’s appearance is though like Cup style itself, while GENMU really is the multiple use type like Ona-Hole! So we proudly call this new category of mens masturbation tool.
GENMU is made by the concepts which are highly creative and a enables to realize of mens fantasies!

Highly imitative and flesh-like!
Made of “PURE SKIN” TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) *deodorization

Spiral14 GC011010--12 GCH01060--09

Cool designed!

GC010060--04 GC011010--13 GCH01010--06

We have a keen interest in the internal structure and make close to the real feeling of intercourse. To have a real sensation, we make 3-D shape design as much as similar to intravaginal, inside throat and inner rectal. For the realization of our dreams < the meaning of the word GENMU is to realize fantastic dreams >, we decided to use inner materials without stint! It’s essential to use plenty ingredients for making inner structure  complexed. Take the corpus out of Cup / Capsule and turn inside out, then you can see how elaborate complete detail!

Reusable! (at least 30times) – easy to clean

IMG_1814 IMG_1830 IMG_1834
You can easily pull
the main unit out.
You should clean it
with water.
First, you wash the outside
of main unit.
IMG_1844 IMG_1848 IMG_1852
And then, you can turn it
inside out carefully. You should
wash the inside very much.
After you dry it with a clean
towel, and well dry it.
Then, you can turn it back.
You can set it into the cup
after the outside dry well.

You must feel the vacuum sensation in your penis.

GC010011--06 concept_vacume concept_vacuume2

The biggest feature of the “GENMU” and “GENMU G’s POT” is the ultimate vacuum by the air vent. Insert your penis into GENMU, and completely fill the air vent, please pull out then. Probably you cannot do so easily. It’s the ultimate vacuum sensation! You can feel your favorite vacuum by adjusting the way filling of the air vent.

You can choose the Softness of material!
All GENMU products are made of “PURE SKIN” TPE.

◇Elastic Type◇      [ ★★☆☆☆ ]

GC010031 GC010021 GCH01010 GCH01030 gunmufavicon_3

◇Moderate Type◇ [ ★★★☆☆ ]

GCH01050 GCH01060 gunmufavicon_3 gunmufavicon_3 gunmufavicon_3

◇Solid Type◇        [ ★★★★☆ ]

GC010011 GC010041 GC010051 GC010060 GC010070
GCU01010 GCU01020 GCU01030 GCU01040 GCU01050
GC011010--01 GC011020--01 GC011030--01 GC011040--01 GC011050--01
GCH01020 GCH01040