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Company Name MAX VISION Co., Ltd   →
Address 201 Kashiwazaki Bldg. 8-18 Senjukotobuki-cho, Adachi-ku
Tokyo 120-0033, Japan (MAP)
TEL 81(0)3-5284-7689
FAX 81(0)3-6369-3887
Established May, 17th, 2012
CEO Kaz Matsushitafaceup_2
Capital stock JPY 10,000,000-
Business description manufacturing and wholesale for Lingerie, Costumes, Various novelty goods
May, 2012 We’ve established the MAX-VISION Co., Ltd for making new type masturbators.
November, 2012 GC010011GC010021GC010031GC010041GC010051
We’ve released the 5 titles GENMU
(Pixy touch, Pinky touch, Missy touch, Fleshy touch and Cozy touch).
February, 2013 GJ010010
We’ve released the lubricant “GENMU GEL 200ml” for GENMU products.
November, 2013 GC010060GC010070
We’ve released the GENMU Pure touch and Spiral touch in addition.
March, 2014 GC011010oGC011020oGJ010020
We’ve released the GENMU Capsule G-Ring, G-Wave and GENMU GEL 50ml.
May, 2014 We’ve moved the office to Senjukotobuki-town for business expansion.(MAP
December, 2014 GC011010--01GC011020--01GC011030--01GC011040--01GC011050--01GJ010030
We’ve released the GENMU Capsule G-Screw, G-Square, G-Maze
and the GENMU Warming GEL 50ml.
We’ve rereleased the GENMU Capsule G-Ring and G-Wave.
January, 2015 GCH01010GCH01020GCH01030GCH01040GCH01050GCH01060GJ010040
We’ve released the GENMU G’s POT × 6 titles and GENMU Protect GEL 50ml.
April, 2015 GCU01010GCU01020GCU01030GCU01040GCU01050
We’ve released the GENMU Weapon × 5 titles.